Why should You have a website?

Why should your business have a website at all?

There are many reasons why any business should have a web site.
Here is a good short list.

  1. To provide basic information that establishes credibility - just as a listing in the Yellow Pages shows you are serious about your business, having your own company domain reinforces your legitimacy as a serious business. (According to IntelliQuest 68% of US web users shop online.)
  2. To provide a map to your business location. Sometimes finding you is the hard part.
  3. To sell your products and/or services. Customers explore alternatives over the web before buying.
  4. To make business information available to customers and clients 24/7.
  5. To allow you to update your information as frequently or infrequently as you choose.
  6. To reach your local market. The web reaches the world, but customers shop it for local information as well.
  7. To reduce costs, use your site to answer your most frequently asked questions.
  8. To reduce costs, show your products over the web instead of printing brochures.
  9. To obtain feedback from customers. It is easy to see what your customers respond to on the website.
  10. To stay in contact with salespeople, customers and suppliers.
  11. To test market new services and products. You may also learn that you have a market you hadn't thought of.
  12. To easily publicize specials you are offering. Couple this with e-mail promotion to your existing clients.
  13. To reach the media. Newsletter editors may like something on your site and refer to it in their articles. This is FREE advertising.
  14. To reach the specialized or international markets.
  15. To enhance your business relationships. Tell your clients about related businesses they might be interested in, and maybe get a referral fee for it!