If you have decided that you want to have a presence on the World Wide Web for your business, organization, club or personal needs. There are a few questions you will want to ask yourself, and some decisions that will have to be made. Whether apcstech.net develops your web site, or someone else. The following list of items should be considered and committed to before development of the web site is started. This is by no stretch of the imagination an all encompassing list. 

Web Site layout. 
    How many pages. 
    Titles for each web page. 
    Navigation of web site. 

Web page design. 
    Copy, text, the words. 
    Backgrounds and colors. 
    Font face and size preferences. 

    Logo (s) 

    A list of words or two-word phrases that an internet user might possibly submit to a search engine or data base for information that can be found at your website. (100 words or less.) 

External links. 
    External links to Websites that exchange links or add to the contents of your site. 

Domain name registration 
    See our FAQ page.

Web Site Hosting Provider
    See our FAQ page.